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Can’t Wear Contacts Due to Dry Eyes? Potential Causes and Solutions

A young man standing and holding his glasses with his right hand as he rubs his eyes with his left hand.

It’s a misconception that those with dry eyes can’t wear contact lenses. In reality, people with dry eyes simply need the right type of contact lenses, properly fitted to your eyes. Practicing good contact lens care is also critical to relieving dry eye symptoms. When the tear film isn’t moisturizing your eyes, you can develop […]

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Can Dry Eye Cause Headaches?

A man at the office suffering from dry eye syndrome due to a long stay in front of his computer screen. Massaging his head to relieve headache.

Dry eye is a prevalent eye condition that affects millions of Americans. Fortunately, dry eye doesn’t typically lead to severe or vision-threatening complications. But it can be quite uncomfortable and lead to symptoms such as headaches, infection, or scratches on the eye if left untreated.  It may not always be possible to prevent dry eyes, […]

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The Benefits of Omega 3 for Dry Eyes

Omega 3 food such as fish, nuts, eggs and others that have benefit for dry eye

If you suffer from dry eyes, you’re likely looking for relief. This condition can cause significant irritation, affecting your quality of life. However, your optometrist can help relieve your symptoms.  One way to treat dry eyes is by making dietary changes, such as increasing your omega-3 intake. Continue reading to learn more about dry eyes […]

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Managing Dry Eye While Wearing Contact Lenses | Minneapolis

If you’re looking for some extra flexibility in your eyewear choices or have simply grown tired of wearing the same pair of frames day-to-day, contact lenses may provide the solutions you’re looking for! However, if you’re one of the millions of Americans currently struggling with dry eye symptoms, you might be a little worried about […]

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Artificial Tears: How to Select Eye Drops for Dry Eye

Women putting in eye drops in to her eyes due to dry eyes

Blurred vision. Burning sensations. Redness. The uncomfortable feeling of having something in your eye. If these sound like the problems you have with your eyes, you may be experiencing dry eye disease symptoms.  You don’t have to live with these frustrating and disruptive eye problems. There are dry eye therapies available that can provide relief. […]

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